Early Days

Founded and still run by Nick Crawford, Crawford's was originally formed out of the desire to offer the highest quality of service, accompanied by a highly energetic and fiercely competitive focus on providing the very best property advice to our clients. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed organic growth and since the early days, we’ve come quite a distance in creating a positive reputation for being different and thinking outside the box when it comes to property. Today, Crawford's thrives under the fully committed management and meticulous guidance of Nick.


We are a spirited, tenacious and ambitious, with a simple ethos that there is simply no substitute for honest, hard work. A ‘proactive’ approach is favoured over the ‘reactive’, with our overriding aim being geared towards a positive and forward-thinking attitude.

Above and Beyond

As an independent family firm, we are then able to offer a different, dynamic and flexible approach, uninhibited by rigid and stringent corporate pressures that can serve to suffocate creativity and stifle enthusiasm.

The integrity and reputation of our business is very important to us.